DPWS Explorer 2 Prototype

MATERNA is currently working on a all-new version of the DPWS Explorer. It is completely build from scratch and includes many new useful features like:

  • An improved FilterManager with generic FilterItem support (two classes for each item needs to be implemented by the user) and powerful logical expression evaluation.
  • A new SearchManager allows the discovery of specific DPWS entities. (Searchbehaviour, SearchType, DeviceType, ServiceType, Scope, UUID can be used in combination as SearchParameter.)
  • Improved Quick Info Panels with extensive node attribute information for Device and Service Nodes.
  • A new ParameterPanel visualizing all parameters of an action as a ParameterTree.
  • An improved and highly user-configurable Device Tree View.
  • Improved GUI-Responsibility by using Eclipse’s SWT as GUI-Toolkit.
  • DPWS Multi-Device support.
  • DPWS Security support.
  • Eclipse Plugin support (projected).
  • More features to come soon…

We do not plan to make the Prototype available for downloading at the moment. But stay tuned for more information posted here!
DPWS Explorer 2 Prototype Rev.6869

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