Hospital and operation room standard compliant interconnected

April 16th, 2015

These days we presented our project at the conhIT 2015 and held our public status meeting. All project partners of the BMBF-Project OR.NET presented the operation room of the future.

Together with leading partners in industry and research the interoperable cooperation of medical devices and medical information systems following the new IEEE 11073 Standardfamily (11073-10207,11073-20701, 11073-20702) was demonstrated.

New OR.NET leaflet for download.

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conhit 2015-2

OR.NET and at CeBIT 2014

March 6th, 2014

CeBit_Demo_KS-TurmConsider a world where you can assemble a hospital’s operating room just the way you assemble your living room. Imagine that you could buy different medical devices from different vendors, selecting each device due to its functionality, pricing or what ever property you prefer.

The research project OR.NET aims at making this possible by fostering manufacturer-independent networked interconnection of medical devices. OR.NET is funded by the BMBF and comprises more than 50 partners from academia and industry. and the University of Rostock are participating in OR.NET as well. We are going to show our current results at the CeBIT 2014 from March, 10th till March, 14th. Come and visit us in hall 9, booth A08 to see our networked endoscope.

In cooperation with Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG and Dr. Klaus Wagner from the Südstadtklinikum Rostock we enriched an existing endoscope with DPWS functionality and thus made in Plug’n’Play-ready. Together with Plug-and-Play-ready devices to measure a patient’s pulse and oxygen saturation we developed earlier, we created a medical dashboard combining the endoscopic images with vital signs – while completely dynamically interconnected.