Funding for PipesBox

April 12th, 2012

We are happy to announce that we got funding to drive PipesBox towards a commercial product and to drive our team around PipesBox towards a start up. The funding is based on the EXIST Business Start-Up Grant by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Industry (BMWi).

The PipesBox team consists of Jan Krog (Dipl.-Ing. Business Administration and Engineering), Pia Ziegan (B. A. Business Sciences) and Elmar Zeeb (Dipl.-Inf.). We want to establish PipesBox as an essential tool in the building and home automation market for mixing together various application domains and technologies to create heterogeneous applications. We are heading for small and medium installations, where the complexity of existing technologies makes installations currently not viable. Our key motivation is ease of use. We want to dramatically simplify the creation of building and home automation applications. With PipesBox a typical electrician or a user should be able to create and install customized applications.

We also want to address the DIY and Maker communities. Thus we want to base PipesBox on an Open Source Software model, so you can try out and extend PipesBox easily. We will soon publish more details and a roadmap of technical milestones that we want to achieve during the following months. We will use to publish technical details about the current developments of PipesBox and also instructions for DIY projects. So stay tuned and watch out for more news!

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us at info[at] !

WS4D Smart-* Demonstrator

February 21st, 2011

As we already posted, the CEBIT in Hannover and the Embedded World on Nürnberg are getting closer. So we posted a preview on the CEBIT demonstrator a few days ago, showing WS4D-uDPWS in action (see the SpO2 finger clip sensor).

Now would like to give a preview on the Embedded World demonstrator here. The video shows our Smart-Window, opening and closing depending on the humidity. The involved technologies are 6LoWPAN, IPv6, CoAP, DPWS, Digitalstrom and several of our existing WS4D tools. Feel free to comment…