Announcing WS4D-JCoAP

April 14th, 2011


May we introduce? User CoAP, CoAP user. The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is an exciting emerging protocol defined by the IETF CoRE WG, currently in the state of an Internet Draft. To put things short, CoAP is supposed to create an alternative to HTTP for RESTful APIs on highly resource-constrained devices. While HTTP usually bases on TCP, CoAP defines rudimentary reliability features so you can run it on UDP and therefore save a lot of protocol overhead that inherently comes with TCP.Now that you have an idea of what CoAP is (if you hadn’t already) we want to share our latest efforts on implementing CoAP. WS4D-JCoAP is supposed to be the first (as far as we know) feature complete CoAP implementation in Java. By this time, we managed to implement a simple CoAP Client application. Within the next days and weeks, we plan to implement a higher-level connection API supporting automatic retransmission and recognition of duplicate messages as well as the whole server side.If you are curious right now or want to support us, check out the google code repository. Have fun!