Stack: WS4D-JMEDS (Java)

JMEDS is the Java Multi Edition DPWS Stack. It is a framework, that allows to implement and run DPWS Services, Devices and Clients. JMEDS supports different Java Editions, including Java ME CLDC. The framework v0.* was developed by MATERNA Information & Communications and TU Dortmund, Dpt. of Computer Science, Chair 4, Distributed Systems. The framework v2 is developed by MATERNA Information & Communications.

The Java Multi Edition DPWS Stack is available at the SourceForge project page.

 Features of the JMEDS Framework

This document summarizes the features of the JMEDS (Java Multi Edition DPWS Stack) Framework which implements the Devices Profile for Web Services specification.

Versatility of the platform Supports all Java Editions

The JMEDS Local Toolkit feature supports all Java platforms from CLDC up to SE and allows the usage of platform specific features like disk and network access. With JMEDS it is possible to choose the best platform for purpose.


JMEDS is suitable for embedded devices with low amount of memory and restricted computing power as well as for computing systems without such limitations. The modularity of JMEDS allows the usage of different modules to fit the needs of your project and ensures high adaptability.

Resource effective

With the module system it is possible to reduce the size of JMEDS to save resources on your device. JMEDS uses only a minimal set of external libraries to minimize the necessary dependencies. JMEDS is a lightweight frame work.

Generic web interface

JMEDS comes along with a generic web interface which allows fast access and usage of your services with your favorite web browser.

Interpretation of WSDL at Runtime

It is not necessary to create a WSDL neither for your service nor for your device. The JMEDS generates the WSDL on the fly within the request.


JMEDS is build for high compatibility, supports Microsoft Windows 7 and is tested with the University of Rostock DPWS Stack.

License / Costs

JMEDS is open source under the license of EPL (Eclipse Public License).

DPWS Versions

The current JMEDS version supports DPWS2006 as well as the DPWS1.1 standard.


The features to be developed

– EXI (Efficient XML Interchange)
– UPnP (Universal Plug’n’Play) communication manager
– Bluetooth communication manager