HowTo: DPWS-BACnet-Gateway

  1. Install Java at least Version JRE 1.7

  2. Download eclipse IDE for java development

  3. install Eclipse PDE over Eclipse Marketplace (Help->Eclipse Marketplace)

  4. Download ZIP-File “Equinox SDK Luna” from here and extract content to Eclipse main folder where folders like “plugins” are located

  5. Download and import the 4 Gateway projects (gateway-library, gateway-core-bundle, gateway-DPWS-bundle, gateway-BACnet-bundle) from here and import into eclipse IDE (Import->General->Existing Projects into Workspace)

  6. If the project icons in the package explorer of eclipse IDE show red exclamation marks, it seems that you have a JRE version > JRE 1.7 installed. Reight-click on a project name and select properties-> Java Build Path and go to Libraries. Double-Click on the “JRE System Library” and select “Workspace default JRE”, click on finish, apply and ok. Repeat that for each project except the …extlibs project.

  7. Export projects by right-click on one of them and select “Plug-in Deployment->Deployable plug-ins and fragments”, select all 4 gateway projects in the next window and choose as directory for export the plugins folder in the eclipse main folder.

  8. Download and import the project bacnet-slave-example (Project name in eclipse: BACnet4J_myTest) into eclipse IDE

  9. Export BACnet4J_myTest as “Java->Runnable JAR file” and run the .jar-file on a different device in the local network

  10. Open a console and change path to plugins folder in eclipse main folder

  11. Enter command: java -jar org.eclipse.osgi_VERSIONNUMBER.jar –console (lookup the VERSIONNUMBER by searching for this file in the current folder), you will get the “osgi>” prompt

  12. Install the logging bundle with “install file:org.apache.commons.logging_VERSIONNUMBER.jar”

  13. Install the gateway library (org.unirostock.bagateway.extlibs_VERSIONNUMBER.jar”)

  14. Install the gateway bundle(org.unirostock.bagateway_VERSIONNUMBER.jar”)

  15. Install the BACnet gateway bundle (org.unirostock.bagateway.bacnet_VERSIONNUMBER.jar”)

  16. Install the DPWS gateway bundle (org.unirostock.bagateway.dpws_VERSIONNUMBER.jar”)

  17. Enter “ss” to get an overview of installed bundles

  18. Start the bundles in the following order by typing “start id”, the id corresponds to the numbers in the list output of the “ss”-command: logging, library, gateway, BACnet, DPWS

  19. Download the DPWS Explorer from here and start it. After a click on the search button you should see the gateway and the BACnet device (sometimes it takes a while)

  20. DONE – now test get and set of properties of the BACnet slave device over DPWS protocol. The gateway with its DPWS and BACnet bundles will translate the requests/answers between DPWS and BACnet protocol.