LOMS: LOcal Mobile Services

  • ITEA EU Project LOMS (LOcal Mobile Services)
  • ITEA  Gold Achievement Award as well as the Silver Exhibition Award at the ITEA 2 Symposium 2008  in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Partners: Communology GmbH (Germany), Concentra Media (Belgium), DAI Labor TU-Berlin (Germany), Devoteam Telecom & Media (Belgium), Fraunhofer FIRST (Germany), Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation ESI – European Software Institute (Spain), Ibermática (Spain), Infoman AG (Germany), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), Orga Systems (Germany), Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH (Germany), University of Paderborn (Germany), University of Rostock (Germany), Yellowmap (Germany)
  • Project duration: August 2005 – June 2008