Stack: WS4D-uDPWS (C)

The emerging 6LoWPAN (IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks) protocols of the IETF, pushing IPv6 based communication also down to wireless sensor networks, are gaining momentum more an more. WS4D-uDPWS Stack is a pure C implementation of a DPWS stack for such highly resource constrained wireless sensor nodes. In contrast to other approaches, WS4D-uDPWS brings DPWS protocols into wireless sensor networks directly, without need for any application layer gateways and proxys.

To not start from the scratch, we used the Open Source operating system Contiki, which already includes 6LoWPAN, TCP and UDP network stack. Currently, uDPWS is in the stage of a prototype implementation to prove applicability and feasibility of DPWS protocols for 6LoWPAN networks and is compliant with current OASIS WS-DD specifications in most points. Supported are two 8MHz hardware platforms, the well known Crossbow TelosB and Atmel Raven.

Atmel RavenTelosB

More information are available on the WS4D-uDPWS Project website at