Back from OASIS WS-DD interop and face-to-face meeting

January 6th, 2009

After joining the WS-DD Technical Comitee at OASIS Ingo Lück (University of Dortmund) and Elmar Zeeb (University of Rostock) attended the WS-DD interop and face-to-face meeting that was hosted by Software AG in San Jose, CA from 8th to 11th of December.

We were able to test our WS4D-JavaMe and WS4D-gSOAP toolkits for interoperability with several implementations from Microsoft and printer vendors that are part of the WS-DD TC. More detailed Information from the WS-DD TC about the interoperability tests will be available soon.


Furthermore we were able to participate in the standardization process and contribute our knowledge and proposals for the devices profile for web services (DPWS) to the WS-DD TC.

The TC has established a firm timeline for the production of WS-DD v1.1 specifications that will be an official OASIS Standard as of June 1, 2009. The WS-DD TC is going to standardize the SOAP-over-UDP, WS-Discovery and DPWS specification. See the WS-DD TC site for more information.

Updated Version of JavaME Stack available

August 27th, 2008

Version 0.9.5 of the WS4D JavaME stack is now available on SourceForge. As usual, the release includes ready-to-use JAR files (of various flavours), documentation and source code. Major improvements in this release:

  • DPWS Security
  • Multi-Device
  • Action Parameter overloading
  • WSDL Repository
  • Properties Handling (via XML configuration file)
  • Discovery Proxy
  • Critical bug-fixes

We suggest all developers to try out this release. Feedback is always highly appreciated (Please use the discussion forums or trackers hosted on our SourceForge project pages). Have fun.

JavaME Stack is now OpenSource

November 10th, 2007

Today we have released the WS4D JavaME stack on SourceForge. The release includes JAR files and source code available through download or the subversion repository. Have fun!