Until 2011, the “TeKoMed”-Workshops in L├╝beck, Germany have been a great opportunity to get in touch with developers, scientists and industry in the fields of the Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS), information technology in medical applications and related areas of interest. After the TeKoMed project was successfully concluded the WS4D working group took over by organizing the 1st WS4D Workshop on (Embedded) Web Services.


1st WS4D Workshop
The first WS4D Workshop was held on 11/29/2012 and was a very successful event with exciting presentations and fruitful discussions. Thanks everyone for participating! Find slides, pictures and the original announcement here.


2nd WS4D Workshop
The second WS4D Workshop will take place on may 21st and (depending on the feedback) 22nd 2014. Please, see here for detailed information.